Thursday, June 12, 2014


The agenda surfers metro pc would be for his work Oneis thug personality as much as possible through the world of unlimited play, avoiding the limitations created by accident, that need the ball player is jumping SUBWAY SURFERS FOR PC (slipping his hand forward), goose (hand sliding back) and / or avoid oncoming trains (sliding hand side) in an exact way, using using power ups newspapers. Game takes place in a Perspective 3D graphics (graph). Collect coins as they work; sometimes they look on hoverboards, run under the articles or jump around, go to the rails and run along the electric son. Unique objects of satisfying people to achieve specific tasks with coupons. A Wipeout, the figures sometimes seem to break the screen. It is very successful. Since January 2013, the regular update of the sport includes a new city as a place. These differences are primarily visual, while the game is very similar. Regular "treasure hunt" style of the city is special bonusojn. Each new city a new hoverboard showing an effective style of the local culture, with a brand new character that is native to the site. Both products are designed to "buy" a sport with coins collected only for a limited period of time, but they remain as a sustainable increase in the collection of the person. Sports makes use of the unique tourist stereotypes.

How many pills / mobile games, metro users are "free automatically." Without creating online payments cash real man can go ahead without obstacles in the game Online shopping allows interested in developing actions digital currency customers and changing knowledge easier. Two types of digital currency used for purchases in the game. Coins (loose) and (rare) blue buttons for use as avatars, Subway Surfers offers regular characters (available for purchase at any time) and special characters (available only for a limited time). All signs rendered in vector graphic stylized cartoons with big heads and small bodies. The unbelievers seem to be in the age preteen by teens, although their modes suggest different periods.